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An Unwinding Flow

experience creative sequences & transitions meant to generate heat in the body & unwind your mind

  • 1 hour 15 minutes
  • 15 US dollars
  • indoors + doors open

class description

This class integrates more challenging postures in flows, designed to cultivate strength, flexibility and deeper self awareness. The general philosophy is to progressively open the body with sequences that build upon one another and evolve into deeper expressions as the practice unfolds. You will integrate mind, body and breath, leaving you feeling centered, strong and refreshed.  Multiple options for each pose are taught and a range of props are utilized to make this class accessible. Unwind from your day and shift in to your evening, connected.

upcoming classes

cancellation policy

pre-registration online is required for class due to our limited capacity. if you are unable to attend, we will honor a 3 hour cancellation & will then credit you a class in the future. we appreciate you. see you soon.

double sunrise yoga contact info

  • double sunrise yoga, Penn Avenue, West Reading, PA, USA

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