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Gentle Yoga Flow & Restore

prioritizing nurturing self-care with gentle asanas and restorative yoga

  • 1 hour
  • 15 US dollars
  • indoors + doors open

class description

This class combines elements of vinyasa, restorative and yin yoga to help you release physical tension and promote mental relaxation. The practice will include gentle yoga, supportive poses, breath work, and props to foster stress relief, flexibility, and rejuvenation. Suitable for all levels of ability and experience as well as those new to yoga.

upcoming classes

cancellation policy

pre-registration online is required for class due to our limited capacity. if you are unable to attend, we will honor a 3 hour cancellation & will then credit you a class in the future. we appreciate you. see you soon.

double sunrise yoga contact info

  • double sunrise yoga, Penn Avenue, West Reading, PA, USA

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