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After a twenty plus year career spent in the field of corporate wellness, from coaching to developing and managing company-wide programs primarily designed to deal with the every day topics of stress and chronic pain, I found myself at a place in my life when it became clear I could no longer put off dealing with my own.  It was only then, in that distinctly empty and terrifying moment, that I finally slowed down just enough to get that what I was missing was simply EVERYTHING. That someone, something in my life that I’d always thought needed to change, was in fact, me. No longer could it wait until tomorrow, the next day or next year, it needed to be right now. Given my field of expertise, it was hardly a proud moment much less a joyful revelation.

 Until I realized for the first time, in a long time, I could breathe.

Eventually, it led me back home to Berks County, and to a concept that was routinely  reinforced throughout my career in corporate wellness. As heavily invested as much of the world is in the preferred methodology and science of western medicine, it does not, in fact, provide any real solution or relief for the way too many people feel. It was from this point that Double Sunrise began to take root, eventually becoming what we are today, and continues to evolve, as we thoughtfully explore our collective perception of wellness and healing.

Walk in, and you will instantly recognize the look and feel of a traditional yoga studio. Stay, and I believe you will discover so much more. Whether it’s a safe place to explore something new, reconnect with your body and your practice, or simply present yourself the time and space to breathe, there’s magic that happens here. And the only requirement is that you show up. 

join Kristina

on Sunday from 9:30 to 10:45am for Allow It to Be Easy


Ally is a certified Reiki Master, certified Yoga Teacher, Thai Bodywork Therapist, and Ordained Minister of the Order of Melchizedek through the Sanctuary of the Beloved. She studied yoga at Kula Kamala Ashram. Through her years of study, she learned to hone her intuitive nature and use it to help heal those around her. Her philosophy and mission for providing healing, loving energy to all, guides her healing sessions and classes. With the goal of empowering one's self to gain greater intuitive strength, Ally guides and educates to enlighten everyone to their highest and best good.    

join Ally

Restore & Thai on Sunday from 11:30am to 1:00pm monthly

Rest & Restore Tuesdays from 9:30 to 10:45am 


Yuriko has found that her practice provides her the opportunity to shift her mindset and to focus on the opportunities available in each moment. She loves sharing her transformative and supportive practice with others. This love began in college, when she attended her first class. She found herself coming back to her practice in 2010, where she learned how it could help support her through major life and career changes. In 2017 she graduated from the Shri Yoga 200 Hour Teaching Program led by Pam Guido.

In addition to teaching yoga, she holds a M.S. in Clinical Psychology and is a KonMari™ certified professional home organizer. Both yoga and KonMari™ have helped her to accept who she is in this moment and to express gratitude for the people and things in her life. Yoga provides her with an opportunity to steady her mind, as well as bring her thoughts and intentions into alignment. 

join Yuriko Tuesdays for Treat Yo'Self from 4:00 to 5:00pm


Sol is a Pita energy Multi-Level Hatha Yoga teacher. She received her 200 hours RYT certification from The Hot Yoga Studio of Virginia Beach in 2014, and has taught a wide variety of yoga classes since. Sol has experience teaching Vigorous Vinyasa Flows; Power Yoga Flows; Mellow Hatha Flows; Restorative yoga;  Traditional Hot Yoga Series; Hot Vinyasa Flows; and etc. In 2019, Sol started practicing and fell in love with Jiu Jitsu. Since then, she has transformed her teaching to help athletes and martial artists recover from training. Sol classes are designed to meet the specific needs of the student, regardless of your background or current athletic (or not athletic) needs. Sol is very hands on and loves to help you explore the practice of unifying the breath, the mind and the body, thru Asana and Pranayama practice.

join Sol

Wednesday Evenings  6:00 to 7:15pm

Thursday Mornings from 9:30 to 10:45am for Sol Yoga


Tori established her yoga practice in college as a way to connect with her body. " I've always felt I can be the most raw version of 'me', when rolling out my yoga mat, each time being a new opportunity to challenge myself both mentally and physically." After growing and exploring her personal yoga practice, Tori was fortunate enough to complete the 200 Hour Teacher Training at Palosanto Yoga and Wellness on Passyunk Ave in 2019, specifically centered in the Bhakti yoga tradition - yoga as devotion, as love, as service. That opportunity has allowed her to authentically share her love and passion for cultivating a personal practice with others - being a witness to the transformation that's possible for someone when they take the time to tune out the external distractions and truly tune in to their own unique wants and needs. 

With influences from many knowledgeable Philadelphia teachers, Tori's teaching style focuses on breath, alignment and core strength, while learning to move your body in a way that feels organic to you. Through teaching, she wants to encourage others to be kind and curious, to take 'time-outs' from the world and surrender to what's possible within ourselves first; to enjoy the yoga practice as they come back to it each time. Tori believes yoga has a profound way of creating space for transformation within oneself, and aims to aid in that experience by creating a warm, welcoming space for all.

join Tori 

for Tuesday with Tori from 5:30 to 6:45pm

 Unwinding Flow on Thursday from 6:00 to 7:15pm

Weekend Warrior Flow Saturday Morning from 9:30 to 10:45am


Muldoon, a mother, massage therapist and certified Innate Postpartum Care Provider. She is passionate about cultivating community and sharing resources about postpartum care in the hopes that we can collectively remember how to care for each other and tend to Life in a deep & meaningful way.

join Shannon for INNATE Postpartum Care


Shelby has been practicing yoga on her own for over a decade and even shares this passion with her six year old daughter. She enjoyed it so much - she became a certified children's yoga instructor. She has been teaching outside of her home for a little over a year ago. She loves that she can teach children the importance of mindfulness, breathwork, and yoga in a way that is playful, fun, and with friends. She preaches the science behind yoga and how it can help children (and adults) with anxiety, focus, and even increase self confidence.  

Additionally, she has an associates in early childhood development. Currently, she is enrolled in a bachelors for holistic nutrition and will go on to getting her masters in integrative nutrition. She hopes to work in pediatric holistic medicine. In the meantime, she plans to complete coursework in breathwork, sound healing, and aromatherapy and hopes to tie them in with her classes. 

Join Shelby for Children Discovering the Magic of Yoga

Saturdays from 11:00am to 12:00pm

 February 3, March 2 and April 6


Aase (pronounced “ACE-uh”) is excited to return to teaching after a 2+ year pandemic hiatus. In that time, she finished her Doctorate in Physical Therapy, started working in pelvic floor PT, grew and birthed a beautiful son, and moved back to the Reading area with her partner and their dog. She completed her Yoga Teacher Training at Power Yoga Works in Malvern, PA in 2014, though she started her yoga journey as a kid with an old Baron Baptiste VHS tape in the living room.

Join Aase for Pre & Postnatal Yoga: Needs of Your Body

Saturday mornings January 27, February 10 and 24, March 9 and 23, and April 13 and 27


In 2017, Greg had back surgery that left him in pain and not able to live an active lifestyle any longer.  In desperation, he tried hot yoga at Hot Yoga West Reading, and right away knew it was exactly what he was looking for.   Not only was practicing helping to heal his back, but also it was helping him deal with the loss of his wife of 11 years to cancer and being a single father to 3 kids, 2 of which were still grade-school age.


After practicing for a couple of years, he was led to teaching hot yoga (unbeknowst to her) by Gina Talley, whose unique and heartfelt way of teaching Greg very much admired.   He then attended a 200 hour teacher training with his friend Russ McClellan at Hot Yoga Philly.  The training, run by Colleen Hoplamazian and Katelynn Ingersol, was extremely fulfilling and introduced Greg to yoga philosophy and the ayurvedic lifestyle along with getting certified to teach the 26/2 hot yoga series.


To Greg, it's the people in yoga that make it meaningful and gratifying.  There are too many people that inspired, mentored, guided & taught Greg to mention all of them here.   But he does want to specifically thank two of them.  Firstly, he thanks his guru, the incredibly bright and beautiful Dr. Gina Talley, for the inspiration to teach along with her patience and caring guidance.    Also, he credits Ammie Moralez, formerly of Hot Yoga Philly, an amazing woman and truly gifted yogini for showing him the beauty that is in all yoga, and that it can be a transcendental practice.   Greg sends his love to all in our yoga community!   Namaste. 


join Greg Thursdays for

 Life Force Healing Thursdays from 4:00 to 5:15pm


Rachael Pletz LMT Is a Berks county local who has been studying human science and practicing massage since 2013. Rachael studied at The New York College of Health In NYC before returning to PA  In 2019. She has been teaching massage and human sciences at the European Medical School of Massage In Reading, PA. She is incredibly passionate about the art of touch and even more so about helping others and her students on their journey to becoming therapists. 


to reserve your space: 


Sarena started her journey with movement at the age of 8, when she landed in a dance studio in Reading, Pennsylvania. She quickly fell in love, and decided to pursue dance as a career. This led her to Temple University where she received her BFA in Dance. After college it was effortless for her to slip into a daily yoga practice which took her to Dana Hot Yoga to get her 200 hr teaching certification. She loved the way that mind and body could coalesce through joining breath to movement.


Yoga hooked her and she went on to receive two further 70 hour trainings with Shiva Rea and Alex Auder.
She began teaching in many different studios, corporate centers, and at Imhotep Charter School while she was based in Philadelphia. Most recently she journeyed to California to gain an Expressive Arts Therapy Certification at Tamalpa. Sarena believes the body is a map of the mind, and that every heartache, joy, desire, and stillness we have ever experienced is stored in the fabric of our skin.  She loves to sha
re her passion for movement, and its capacity to unpack the stories that are heavy in our lives.

join Sarena

for Between Grace on Friday from 9:30-10:45am

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be yourSelf, babe.

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