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corporate wellness

Why Corporate Wellness?


Your Employees Are Your Company.

Connections between health and work is paramount.  If humans lose their health, they lose their ability to work.

Part of double sunrise yoga, beyond the studio, is a hub of community affiliates working together to create customized high touch programming for organizations that emphasize on education and awareness.  

What We Do:

We create programming for individual lifestyle shifts that eventually become the norm. We believe by deepening the conversation with self care one can discover their unique path and enhance a better balance of ones physical, nutritional, emotional and environmental needs.

creating the space

Successful wellness programs are the result of the employers.  Comprehensive programs have better health outcomes. Providing your employees with practical  and accessible programs while integrating wellness into the company structure  and creating a health conscious work environment.


When you enrich the lives and wellbeing of our community it creates a lasting connection.

Utilize a wider spectrum of health for your employees and contact us today to further the conversation. 

this is our community. 

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