New Moon:

reNew You

a mini retreat of yin yoga + sound immersion with gongbath savasana 

Shed the layers, fully open + cloak in the energies you are intended to soak in 2022.  This deeply releasing practice is intended to rinse and release fully, only to receive and be bolstered by the physical support of props and spirited lift of soothing sounds.  All levels welcome.

Please come cozy.  Keep your socks and sweater matside.

Bring a mat, water and happy heart.

wednesday evening

February 2

6:30 to 8:00pm

$25 investment

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Jen has been delving in the healing arts for well over a decade. In both the nursing and yoga fields for over 10 years, she is versed on both sides of the proverbial caring coin. Yin yoga is her specialty and treasured choice of sharing much needed rest and relaxation to all. Sound is a more recent incorporation to her offerings, all centered around soothing the soul and all intuitively learned.

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deep rest, nurturing care + creating a positive connection


Thai Partner Yoga Workshop with April

friday february 11

6:00 to 8:00pm

Thai Yoga Massage treatments relax, open + heal the body and mind. 


the combination of acupressure and yoga- like stretching balances + energizes the physical + subtle body. 

you and your partner, which may be a lover, friend, or family member will learn sequences to share a full body Thai massage.


April Showman is a certified Yoga Teacher/Therapist who specializes in Thai Yoga massage. She has 17 years experience in Yoga instruction. April received her training and certification in Thai Yoga Massage in Chiang Mai, Thailand at the Old Medicine Hospital. She loves sharing this unique union of energy work, Yoga, and massage.