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how we found the open air yoga patio

the short story; well you could say that our founder, kristina, basically stumbled upon the patio, that sparked the idea, and triggered a conversation about adapting to the current state of life. as with all things that we do, we talked through the pros and cons, came up with solutions and a name, hung some sails, and alas decided the open air yoga series would begin in august!

the long story; we had discussed ways to open over the course of a few months. with both of us wanting to spend time with our parents, it was important that we not compromise our health in any way. with the studio coming in around 900 sq ft, having in person classes was simply not an option. we took it as a sign that another opportunity would present itself. and one day when kristina was saying hi to a neighbor she glanced over and there it was in all it's glory, the patio that would become open air yoga. she asked our landlord who was more than supportive to let us open in any way that we could. after all she is also a small business owner and was just as passionate about re-opening our studio as we were.

from there, we up-cycled the flower pots that were existing on the patios, dug up grasses, bought flowers, and we were gifted some sunflowers from our neighbor adam at benchwarmers. we were also gifted 3 large flower pots from Mark Ratcliffe West Reading Main Street Manager. after a quick inquiry, the borough brought them down for us one day to help make our corner of penn avenue more beautiful. then sails were both purchased, and also gifted from a number of friends and installed by our contractors KMB Homes. we are also so very grateful that our neighbor kelly takes time out of her day to water our plants. lastly, a legendary artist albert ciervo is painting the flower pots, as well as, painted the mural that borders are corner. and all these people did all of this for no particular reason other than that they believed in what we were doing.

when the patio is not being used as a yoga space, our lovely neighbors bbq, and relax in the shade the sails provide.

we hope to continue to grow this space and continue to offer yoga classes even when the days get shorter and darker earlier.

thanks for sharing space with us.

lighten your soul

enjoy the space as it is now, styled by kristina

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