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discover the power of presence.

Class Schedule

Welcome to Sunrise

Rediscover the peace that comes from reconnecting with yourSelf, leaving behind the stresses of daily life.

Through mindful movement, breath awareness, and moments of stillness our class offerings are designed to leave you feeling revitalized, refreshed, and deeply connected.

Believe in the possibility of you.

Pre-registration for class is required. 

 When you pre-register your space is reserved.


To respect our instructors and ensure smooth classes, please attend or cancel your registration with at least 3 hours' notice. Unattended classes will be invoiced.


We appreciate  your cooperation and understanding. 

Special Sessions

Restorative and Thai Bodywork

Sunday,  July 21  from 11:30 to 1:00pm

Encouraging a deep sense of well-being.

Allow yourself the gift of renewal as you explore the restorative aspects of yoga.

$30 investment

Children Discovering the Magic of Yoga

Saturdays from 11:00am to 12:00pm with Shelby

  Returning this Fall

In this engaging hour, children embark on a playful journey through age-appropriate yoga poses, interactive games, and mindfulness activities.

A space where little ones build strength, focus, and a lifelong love for wellbeing

$10 investment per little human



We invite you to experience the many health benefits that infrared heat has to offer

while you spend time in our studio.  

Pain Relief

Infrared heat directly penetrates tissue, muscles and joints, allowing them to heal and regenerate. This is accomplished through a combination of  increased circulation, oxygenation and detoxification. Infrared heat is incredibly useful for pain relief for both minor injuries and chronic ailments. 



Simply put, infrared heat will make you sweat, which is a good thing because it is your body’s natural way of flushing toxins. 


Increased Circulation

Infrared heat has been shown to stimulate blood flow by opening up the body’s capillaries. This has an incredible affect on the body and offers a variety of benefits.

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